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Friday, December 31, 2010

Freshers & Experienced: Capgemini Requirement

Hi All,

A quick notification that we plan to do a massive drive for intaking “Associate consultants” for our unit in Q1 2011.

Request you to share your referrals at the earliest to Mansi Diwakar .
Kindly keep in mind the following criteria while sharing the fresher referrals from your end:

Educational Criteria- Should be a minimum of 60% aggregate (average for all 8 semesters)
Very strong communication skills
Strong confidence level, Strong capability to deliver, Willingness and aggression to learn and adapt new technologies
Positive attitude - Flexibility in aligning himself/herself towards the goals of the organization
Willingness to sign a delivery bond towards a commitment for 2 years
Willingness to travel if required
Ability to think on his/her feet- Quick thinker
Ability to work in a team with end to end accountability

Education Criteria- BE, Bsc IT, BSc- Comp Science, MCA
Also a quick change - All your referrals (Mumbai and Bangalore) have to be pushed over to “Reena Singh”- - (keeping Prathamesh Patil, Divya Gupta and Harsha Vaswani in CC) –(marked in the communication) as against Mansi Diwakar from now.

Prathamesh, Harsha and Divya are the business HR co-ordinators for this event.
Thanks once again.

What do we provide:
Challenging work environment with immense opportunities to grow
Ability to stay ahead in the technology space by offering the opportunity to work on the latest technologies/skills
Congenial work environment

Drive Dates- Jan 8th 2011 - Saturday
Venue- Sogeti- M2
Timings- 9:30 AM to 6 PM

Happy Referring! J
Due Regards,
Resham L Malhotra.

PS - (We have been getting the AC level referrals on and off over the last quarter – Now that we see a business requirement to utilize them, please have your referrals shared proactively to have the right minds in the unit. Thanks so much.)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Freshers : B.Sc. / BCA / BCS graduates for Wipro

Freshers : Offcampus for 2011 freshers bahwancybertek



This is to inform that Bahwan Cybertek Pvt. Ltd will be conducting campus interview for selecting  engineering students. The requirements for the post and other details are given below:

1. Batch : 2007-2011
2. Eligible Department BE- (CSE,EEE, EIE), B.Tech(IT) and MCA
3. Eligibility : 60% and above in 10th, 12th and Degree with No Standing arrears
4. Date : 04-01-2011 (Tuesday) – 08.30 a.m
6. Contact : 99941 33333, 77080 05588,
6. Company website :
7. Mode of selection :Pre Placement Talk – Written test (Verbal,
Logical Reasoning, Learn ability
Programmability and
Writing) – Group Discussion-(Technical & HR)
Interview -Result
8. Salary : would be ranging around 2.5 Lakhs
9. Contact Person :S.Balasubramaniam / 77080 05588
Kind note:
Send minimum five student toppers from each department and
especially from MCA and give the student details with a attached Excel

We request you to kindly send your Top 40 student’s details in the attached
excel format to our mail ID on or before 28.12.2010.

with regards,
P.Rajendran ME., (Ph.D)
Placement Director
Knowledge Institute of Technology
NH-47, Kakapalayam (PO), Salem, TN, India. Pin: 637 504
Visit us @
Phone : +91 99941 33333

Freshers : Offcampus for 2011 freshers

Hi Friends,

Jan 4th - 2011 Final year B.E (CSE, EEE, EIE) , B.TECH(IT), MCA.
Eligibility: 60% consistency in 10, 12, UG and PG.
Venue: Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem. Tamil nadu

Jan 6th - 2011 Final year B.SC (CS, IT, CT, Maths, Physics, Chemistry), BCA, M.SC (Maths, Physics, Chemistry)
Eligibility: 60% consistency in 10, 12, UG and PG (For M.SC Holders).
Venue: Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem.Tamil Nadu

Monday, December 27, 2010

Freshers : Tavant Recruiting fresh Engineering/MCA graduates.

please send your resume to - . For your information he is not my friend, i got reference from some body so i am just keeping the content as it is. so do not mention my reference.

Tavant recruiting freshers through employee referral.

Location: Bangalore

Eligibility:  2010 BE,Btech,MCA only, 65% in 1oth,12th and degree

How to apply: Ask your referral to send resumes to
Don't send resumes directly to the mail id.
Note: The walk-in will be scheduled on 8Th January 2010.

Nice Article by AAlex Stepenov (Principal Scientist, Adobe Systems)

this one is very nice – it’s a bit long – so read with leisure but do read it once.
for those who do not know: Alexander Stepanov is the guy behind the beautiful STL.

This is the summary of speech Given by Alex Stepenov (Principal Scientist, Adobe Systems) at Adobe India on 30 Nov 2004.

1. Study, Study and Study
- Never ever think that you have acquired all or most of the knowledge which exists in the world.
  Almost everybody in US at age of 14 and everybody in India at age of 24 starts thinking that he has acquired all the wisdom and knowledge that he needs. This should be strictly avoided.
- You should be habituated to studies...exactly in the same way as you are habituated to brushing teeth and taking bath every morning. The habit of study must become a ‘part of your blood’. And the study should be from both the areas: CS, since it is your profession and something from non- CS...Something which does not relate to your work. This would expand your knowledge in other field too. A regular study, everyday, is extremely essential. It does not matter whether you study of 20 minutes of 2 hours, but consistency is a must.
- You should always study basics and fundamentals. There is no point in going for advanced topics. When I was at the age of 24, I wanted to do PhD in program verification, though I was not able to understand anything from that. The basic reason was that my fundamental concepts were not clear. Studying ‘Algebraic Geometry’ is useless if you do not understand basics in Algebra and Geometry. Also, you should always go back and re- read and re-iterate over the fundamental concepts.
What is the exact definition of ‘fundamental’? The stuff which is around for a while and which forms basic part of the concepts can be regarded as more fundamental. Of course, everybody understands what a fundamental means.
- Here are few books which I would strongly recommend that every CS
professional should read and understand.
i. “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs” by Albenson and Sussman
i personally donot like the material present in this book and I do have some objections about it but this is the best book I have ever seen which explains all the concepts in programming in a clear and excellent way.
This book is available online at

ii. Introduction to Computer Architecture: by Hennessy and Patterson. How many of you have shipped the programs by writing them in assembly? A very good understanding of basics of how a computer operates is what every CS professional must have.
H&P Wrote two books on CA. I am talking about their first book, the introductory text for understanding basic aspects of how a computer works.
Even if you feel that you know whatever is written in that book,
do not stop reading. It’s good to revise basics again and again.

iii. “Fundamentals of Programming” by Donald Knuth.
The core of CS is algorithms and Data structures. Every CS professional must have the 3 volumes of Knuth’s Book on programming. It really does not matter if you take 30 years of your life to understand what Knuth has written, what is more important is that you read at least some part of that book everyday without fail.
iv. Introduction to Algorithms by Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest
This book should be read daily to keep your concepts fresh. This is
the best book for fundamental concepts in algorithms.

2. Learn Professional Ethics
- As a CS Professional, you are morally obliged to do a good job. What this means is that you are supposed to do your job not for your manager but for yourself. This is already told in Bhagwatgeeta: Doing duties of your life.
- The direct implication of this is: never ever write a bad code. You don’t need to be fastest and run after shipping dates; rather you need to write quality code. Never write junk code. Rewrite it till it is good. Thoroughly test every piece of code that you write. Do not write codes which are “sort of all right”. You might not achieve perfection, but at least your code should be of good quality.
- Let me quote my own example in this context. You might have heard about STL, The Standard Template Library that ships in with C++ compilers. I wrote it 10 years ago, in 1994. While implementing one of the routines in the STL, namely the “search routine”, I was a bit lazy and instead of writing a good linear order implementation of KMP which was
difficult to code, I wrote a best quadratic implementation. I knew that I could make the search faster by writing a linear-order implementation, but I was lazy and I did not do that. And, after 10 years of my writing STL, exactly the same implementation is still used inside STL and STL ships with an inefficient quadratic implementation of search routine even today!! You might ask me: why can’t you rewrite that? Well...I cannot, because that code is no more my property!! Further, nobody today will be interested in a standalone efficient STL ...people would prefer one which automatically ships out with the compiler itself.
- Moral is, you should have aesthetic beauty built inside you. You should “feel” uneasy on writing bad code and should be eager to rewrite the code till it becomes upto the quality. And to the judge the quality, you need to develop sense regarding which algorithms to use under what circumstances.

3. Figure out your Goals
- Always aspire doing bigger things in life
- “Viewing promotion path as your career” is a completely wrong goal. If you are really interested in studying and learning new things, never ever aspire for being a manager. Managers cannot learn and study...they have no time. “Company ladder aspiration” is not what should be important for you.
- You might feel that you want to do certain things which you cannot do till you become a manager. When you become a manager, you will soon realize that now you just cannot do anything!
- You will have a great experience as programmers. But if you care for people and love people, you will never enjoy being a manager...most good managers are reluctant managers. If you see people as people, you cannot survive at management level.
- Always aspire for professional greatness. Our profession is very beautiful because we create abstract models and implement them in reality. There is a big fun in doing that. We have a profession which allows us to do creative things and even gives nice salary for that.
The three biggest mistakes that people usually make are aiming for money, aiming for promotion and aiming for fame. The moment you get some of these, you aspire for some more...and then there is no end. I do not mean that you should not earn money, but you should understand how much
money would satisfy your needs. Bill Clinton might be the richest person in the world; he is certainly not the happiest. Our lives are far better than his.
- Find your goal, and do best in the job that you have. Understand that what is in your pocket does not matter...what is in your brain finally matters. Money and fame do not matter. Knowledge matters.

4. Follow your culture
I have seen the tradition that whatever junk is created in US, it rapidly spreads up in the rest of the world, and India is not an exception for this. This cultural change creates a very strong impact on everybody’s life. Habits of watching spicy Bollywood or Hollywood movies and listening to pop songs and all such stupid stuff gets very easily cultivated in people of your age...but believe me, there is nothing great in that. This all just makes you run away from your culture. And there is no wisdom in running away from your culture. Indian culture, which has great Vedas and stories like Mahabharata and Bhagwatgeeta is really great and even Donald Knuth enjoys reading that. You should understand that fundamental things in Indian culture teach you a lot and you should never forget them.
Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that it’s your not waste it on
stupid things...develop your tests, and start the fight.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Experienced: Emerson Requirement


Attached is the Employee Referral policy for EPM India for your perusal. Below is a list of Urgent Openings that we have for which we are seeking suitable referrals from you. The positions are as below:

#1. Analytical Division: Projects
Base Location: Mumbai
Experience:  8 to 10 years for Bachelor of Engineering – Instrumentation / Electronics & 11- 13 years for Diploma holders
Job Knowledge: Good Technical Knowledge about Instrumentation preferably Analyzers, able to handle Techno Commercial matters with customer and vendors, good Project Management and Communication Skills, knowledge of MS Projects.

#2. Analytical Division: Design Engineering
Base Location: Mumbai
Experience: 5 to 7 years for Bachelor of Engineering – Instrumentation / Electronics & 8 to10 years for Diploma holders
Job Knowledge: Good Technical Knowledge about design Analytical systems preferably Analyzers,  knowledge of Standards & Calculations E.g. Dew Point, Lag Time etc, selection of right and cost competitive components.

#3. Analytical Division: Proposals & Engineering
Base Location: Mumbai
Experience: 5 to 7 Years for Bachelor of Engineering – Instrumentation / Electronics & 8 to 10 years for Diploma holders
Job Knowledge: Good Technical Knowledge about Instrumentation preferably Analyzers, able to handle Techno Commercial matters with customer and vendors, knowledge of Standards &  Hazardous Area classification, knowledge of MS office & MS Excel 

#4. Analytical Division: Service/Commissioning
Base Location: Mumbai / South
Experience: 5 to 8 years for Bachelor of Engineering / Diploma - Instrumentation & Control
Job Knowledge: Experience of Erection & Commissioning, Site experience will be preferred, knowledge of all  Analytical products and systems  including Electrochemistry, Combustion, Continuous Gas Analyzers and Process Gas Chromatographs, good knowledge of Liquid Analyzers and SWAS, able to carry out supervision of installation and commissioning of systems single handedly, fault analysis investigation & repairs at site

#5. Process Systems & Solutions Division: Sales
Base Location:  Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Vadodara
Experience: 8 to12 years for Bachelor of Engineering – Instrumentation / Electronics
Job Knowledge: To manage the Sales & Marketing activity for Distributed Control Systems & C&I packages for Process Systems & Solutions industries, will be responsible for the sales target, managing key accounts, DSO and growth programs for the Division in key sectors, responsible for new product / program launches in the country, to ensure project pursuit activities are in place.

#6. Power & Water Solutions Division: Sales
Base Location:  Chennai, Kolkata
Experience: 7 to10 years for Bachelor of Engineering – Instrumentation / Electronics
Job Knowledge:  To manage Sales & Marketing activity for DCS with C&I packages for Power and Water Solutions industries, will be responsible for the regional booking targets, to create and manage key accounts, takes initiative in visiting new accounts, to identify project pursuits

Application Criteria:
Please refer the Employee Referral policy

Time Frame:
You are requested to send in suitable resumes for the above openings latest by 24 December 2010

While sending suitable resumes for a particular position, please ensure to mention the Code along with the position for which you are sending CVs to avoid any confusion. For Example: #1 Analytical Division: Projects (Mumbai). Please email the resumes to Swati Deshpande (HR) at

Please feel free to revert in case of any queries.

Awaiting your prompt response on the same.

Payal Parikh
Human Resources

Experienced: Xpansion Requirement

Dear Team,

Please refer your friends and ex-colleagues as per the job descriptions attached.

Open Positions
Experience level
Java/J2ee developers/ Tech Lead
Core java, JSP,Servlets,Struts
3+ yrs
Java/J2ee developers
Core java, Spring, Hibernate
2-7 yrs
.Net Developer
.Net MVC, ASP.Net 3.5 and above
2+ yrs
Professional Services
SQL, XML, Basic Linux, ERP
3-5 yrs
Manual Testers
2-3 yrs

Request you to forward your references to   

Thank you for your support as always!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Experienced : Technical Architect/Delivery Manager for TCS

Freshers : HEXAWARE Requirement For Fresh graduates

Hi All,
Please find the below mail for your reference.
Revert back with your profiles to this mail id if you are interested.

Dear All,
We would like to inform you that we are recruiting fresher’s passed out in 2010. Candidates who have completed BE – CSE, IT, ECE, EEE or MCA with more than 60% aggregate marks and have also secured first class in 10th and 12 std will only be eligible.

BE/ B Tech candidates must have finished their course within four years and MCAs must have finished their course in three years. Those who have undergone the selection process at Hexaware in the last NINE months are NOT eligible to appear in this drive.

The selection process will be held on 19th and 20th of December. Venue details will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates directly.

Following are the terms and conditions.

1. During the initial period of 1 month Stipend of Rs 5000/- only will be paid and subsequently salary of Rs 2.0 lacs p.a.
2. Trainee will be required to provide a Bank Guarantee of Rs 1 lakh with a lock in period of 3 years.
3. Positions are based out of Chennai (Siruseri).

Please note that these referrals will not be entitled for any Buddy Incentives.

Experienced: TCS requirement

Weekend Drive details

Date : 18 December 2010

Registration Timing : 09:00 am to 12 noon

Venue : Tata Consultancy Services,

Abhilash Software Development Center,

Plot No. 96, EPIP Industrial Area, Whitefield,

Bangalore - 560066.


Skill Experience Band Requirement (JD)

Java 3+yrs Java Development Experience.

Pl/Sql 4+yrs Pl/Sql Development Experience.

Mainframes with IMS 3+yrs Mainframes with JCL, COBOL,CICS DB2, IMS, CICS

Mainframes (JCL,CICS, Cobol, IDMS/DB2 2-3yrs Mainframes (JCL,CICS, Cobol, IDMS/DB2 Experience

Dot net with WCF 3+yrs Dot net with WCF/WPF development Experience.

SQL Server 2005/2008 Developer / Sr. Developer 3 to 8yrs SQL Server 2005/ 2008. with 3+ yrs of experience on T-SQL, SQL Server database design, Performance tuning, Query optimization etc.

1+ Yrs of exp on .Net (either on WCF/WPF/ MSTest/TFS)

Documentum 4+yrs Documentum Development Experience

Webmethods 4+yrs Webmethods Development Experience

Project Manager 7-9yrs 3-4 yrs of Project Management Experience in IT.

Banking domain Experience is preferred.

PMP/ Prince2 Certification is mandatory.

Exposure to SDLC is mandatory.

Business Analyst/ Business Systems Analyst 5-6yrs 2-3 yrs of Business systems analyst experience in IT.

Banking domain Experience is mandatory.

Exposure to SDLC is mandatory with experience in Requirements Gathering, Translation of Business needs to Tech requirements, and Testing

PCB Design engineers 3 to 5 yrs Experience in Mentor Graphics DX Designer & Expedition, Cadence Allegro and concept HDL

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Freshers : Aspire Sys Off Campus for 2010 passed outs

Dear Aspirians,

We are planning to have an off campus recruitment drive in the next few days. I would request you to refer friends/contacts who are 2010 pass outs

Candidates who were referred by you and who couldn’t appear for the test/interview process in the past can be referred again.

Refer a star as bright as you!



Viji Suresh

Aspire Systems


Tel:+91 -44-67404000

Monday, December 13, 2010

Freshers : UHG Requirement details for freshers

United Health Group recruiting freshers through employee referral.

Location: Hyderabad

Position: Associate Software Engineer

Requisition No: 330950

Referring dates: 13th, 14th & 15th December, ’10


- B.E./MCA/B.Tech/M.Tech - passed out in 2009/10 only.

- Candidate should have scored 70% & above in Graduation/Post Graduation.

- Basic Programming skills with Database Knowledge is a must.

- Strong aptitude skills.

- Good written and verbal communication skills.

Last Date:15th December 2010

How to apply: Its employee referral opening so ask your referral to upload your CV @ their intranet site

Note:Shortlisted profiles will be called for the written test & HR interview on Saturday, 18th December’10. Post qualifying in the test, they will be invited for the interview process on Sunday, 19th December’10.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Experienced : NCR Requirement for C++


MANDATORY SKILLS: Good understanding of C & C++, MFC, Multithreading, XML, Debugging techniques, Socket Programming. (Please do not refer candidates without the mandatory skills)

SECONDARY SKILLS: Technologies preferred: Windows Services, COM, Design Patterns and UML.



TIME: 10:30 A.M. TO 01:00 P.M. ONLY


NCR Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Queen's Plaza,1-8-443, 2nd floor

Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad -500003

Andhra Pradesh

Contact person: Amjad Pathan

Contact Number – 040-66008877


 Ask the candidates to come for interview on specified date & Time.

 Ask the candidates to write reference name & Quick look Id on the resume (without these details we will not be able to consider).

To learn more on Referral policies click here

Experienced : Citrix Requirement details for various technologies.

Bring Your Buddy
December, 2010
“Citrix has always taken pride in attracting and retaining the best talent available in the industry. We are on the look out for smart and talented people with diverse skills to add value and enhance our robust engineering team.”

Kindly go through the Job Specifications enclosed along with this mail and refer suitable candidates.
Things to remember while you refer:
1. Resumes/Profiles have to be marked to #India R&D – bringyourbuddy to be eligible for Referral Bonus payout.
2. Mention the Req number, Group ,Position and Requirement Name in the subject line.

Groups that are currently looking for Talent are:

• COL:
o Manager Software Development: 8+ years; Demonstrated expertise in C++; Experience in Agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, XP, Lean); Demonstrated success leading professional software development projects (consisting of 5 or more individual contributors) from inception through post-release activities. [Req no: 9779]
o Manager Software Development: 8+ years; Demonstrated expertise in Core Java; Experience in Agile methodologies (e.g. Scrum, XP, Lean); Demonstrated success leading professional software development projects (consisting of 5 or more individual contributors) from inception through post-release activities[Req no: 9823]
o Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer 6+: Automation, Scripting (Perl/Python/Batch), exposure to programming (C/C++/Java) & OS (Linux/Windows/Mac) Internals [Req no: 8914,9045]
o Senior Software Engineer: 6+ years; C++/Windows/Mac/Linux, Data Structures, Multi-Threading, OOAD & exposure to OS (Mac/Windows/Linux) Internals [Req no: 9046]
o Database Engineer: 4+ Years; Data migration experience; Performance tuning; Acceptance or unit tests for DB scripts; Experience in versioning of data base schemas would be an additional plus. [Req no: 8860]
o Technical Writer: 4+ Years; [Req no: 9363]
o Staff Engineer – 8-9 Years7+: C++/Windows/Mac/Linux, Data Structures, Multi-Threading, OOAD & exposure to OS (Mac/Windows/Linux) Internals (Req no:9053)

o Staff Engineer broker-7+Years : Java, Unix, Object oriented principles, Data Structures, Multi-threading, SQL Internals (Req no: 9057)

o Manager- Software Development -8+ Years- C++/Java, OOAD (Req no: 9036)

o Staff Quality Assurance Engineer4+ Years : Automation, Web Testing, exposure to programming (HTML/XML/C/C++/Java) & OS (Linux/Windows/Mac) Internals (Req no:9056)

o Quality Assurance Engineer-4+ Years- Automation, Web Testing, exposure to programming (HTML/XML/C/C++/Java) & OS (Linux/Windows/Mac) Internals (Req no:9037,9038)

o Software Engineer – 4 Years: C++/Windows/Mac/Linux, Data Structures, Multi-Threading, OOAD (Req no: 9040)

o Senior Reporting Engineer (Req no:9826,9751)

o Reporting Engineer (Req no:9752,9824,9825)

o Senior Software Engineer (Req no:9755,9756)

o Senior Network Engineer (Req no:9365,9366)

• S&AG:
o Access Gateway – 5+ Years – Skills: C, Unix Internals with Networking background.(Req no:8377)
o Sr. Software Development Engineer (Req no:9096)
o Senior Software Test Engineer(Req no:9018)
o Software Development Engineer (Req no:9854)

• Licensing:
o Senior Software Test Engineer(Req no:8088)
• India Support:
o Escalation Engineer XA/XD (Req no:9294,9295,9296,9297,9298,9299)
o Escalation Engineer-XS (Req no:9300)
o CPE-XA/XD (Req no:9306)
o CPE-XS (Req no:9307)
o Manager Software Frontline (Req no:9331)
o Escalation engineer –NS (Req no : 9855)
o Frontline NS (Req no : 9921,9289,9290,9293)
o Frontline XA/XD (Req no :9312,9313,9314,9315,9316,9317,9318,9319,9320,9321,9322,9323,9324)

• Web Services :
o Senior Software Test Engineer (Req no:9446)
o Operations System Administrator (Req no: 9450)
• XenClient:
o Development Manager- 8 + Years(Req no:8519)
o Software Test Engineer (Req no:8177,9379)
• XenServer:
o Distributed Systems Software Engineer – 3-5 years - C# or Java(Req no:8478)
o Distributed Systems Senior Software Engineer – 5 – 7 years - C# or Java(Req no:8481)

• XenApp:
o Senior Software Test Engineer- 4- 5 years (Req no:9080)
• XenDesktop
o Software Test Engineer (Req no:9454)
• Prod Services – Security
o Senior Security Engineer(Req no:8532)
o Senior Security Engineer(Req no:9742,9741,9740,9616,9617)
• OneWeb:
o Sr Web Developer- 2.5 – 4 years (Req no:8970)
• LCM :
o Technical Writer(Req no:8794)
o Senior Software Development Engineer – LCM Dev(Req no:9111,9112)
o Software Test Engineer- 3 years (Req no: 9115)
o Software Test Engineer (Req no:9809,9810,9811,9812)
o Software Development Engineer (Req no:9813,9814,9815,9816)
o LCM Development Manager (Req no:9817)
• Globalization :
o Software Development Manager (Req no:9731)
o Senior Software Development Engineer – 7+ Years. (Req no:8462)
o Senior Software Test Engineer – 4-6 Years (Req no:9534)
• IT Support :
o IT Production XenApp Operations Engineer (Req no:9620)
o Lead - IT Engineering Lab Support (Req no:9626)
o IT Production XenDesktop Operations Engineer (Req no:9621)
o IT Production Telecom Operations Engineer (Req no:9622)
o IT Engineering Lab Support Engineer (Req no:9625)

Experienced : Aricent Requirement

Aricent is a global innovation, technology and services company focused exclusively on communications. Aricent is a strategic supplier to the world's leading application, infrastructure and service providers, with operations in 19 countries worldwide.

Company Highlights

• One of the largest privately-held companies in Silicon Valley
• 550+ customers
• 8,000+ employees, 33 offices worldwide
• Product portfolio of more than 125 licensable products
• Investors include KKR, Sequoia Capital, The Family Office and The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board.

Mandatory Skills:
• Ideal candidate should have experience Layer2/ Layer3 protocol Development/Testing
Experience – 5+ Yrs
Work Location - Chennai
If you are interested please forward your updated profile
Please pass this mail who might be interested for this opening.

Arun Raju Rajendran
Sr. Recruiter - Talent Acquisition

Experienced : Accenture Requirement

The Accenture Delivery Centers for Technology in India have been growing in the last few years and this would not have been possible without your contribution and active participation in the recruiting process. Talent Scout allows us to attract the best talent in Accenture, making Accenture a great place to work in. Refer for the following open positions and grab an opportunity to work with your friends!

Like before, your referrals could win you a bonus!
Call-in event scheduled for 9th Dec 2010 / Thursday.
Walk-in Event:
Date: 11th Dec 2010 / Saturday
Registration Time: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Venue Details:
Date Location Venue
11th Dec 2010/ Saturday Bangalore (BDC 4) Accenture RMZ Ecospace Campus 2A,Bellandur Village Varthur Hobli, Bangalore East, Bangalore – 560037
Please Note: Candidates must carry the CID for the walk-in interview, without which they would not be eligible to participate in the event.

How does one Refer?
• Please refer to the attachment to view Walk- In skills.
• If your friend’s resume matches any of the mentioned requirements, log on to
• Select the ‘Solutions workforce’ and upload your friend’s resume.
• Once the profile is successfully uploaded – you would get an auto generated mail with a unique CID number for the candidate.

• You can use the CID number to track the status of the referred candidate.

Talent Scout Help Desk is now part of the myRequests online portal. Henceforth, please log on to the tool, upload your query and we will respond to you through myRequests only.

Talent Scout Team,
Delivery Centre for Technology in India

• To preserve the strong professional reputation of the Company, shared by all employees, the Company independently verifies employment details, educational qualifications and references for all candidates for employment. We encourage all our employees to reinforce this message with the candidates they refer for opportunities within Accenture.

• Please go through the Employee Referral policy available on the IDC portal –

One will receive a CID for every successful CV upload which is a unique number to track one’s Referral candidature status. This unique number is generated based on a few mandatory fields. If the CV already exists from another channel, one will not receive a CID number. However, a CID generation alone will not guarantee the credit of the referral because of a potential mismatch in the fields which is used for uploading a CV. In case of potential duplicate candidates the credit would go to the source which has uploaded the profile correctly on the portal first.

“This e-mail and any attachments to it (in part or in whole the "Communication") are confidential, may constitute inside information and are for the use only of the addressee. The Communication is the property of Accenture and its affiliates and may contain copyright material or intellectual property of Accenture and/or any of its related entities or of third parties. If you are not the intended recipient of the Communication or have received the Communication in error, please notify the sender or Accenture immediately, return the Communication (in entirety) and delete the Communication (in entirety and copies included) from your records and systems. Unauthorized use, disclosure or copying of this Communication or any part thereof is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Any views expressed in the Communication are those of the individual sender only, unless expressly stated to be those of Accenture and its affiliates “Accenture does not guarantee the integrity of the Communication, or that it is free from errors, viruses or interference.”

Experienced : HCL Requirement Details

Refer your friends for exciting opportunities

in Application Development, Usability Innovation and Creativity

Earn INR 47K for the E2 band and INR 60K for E3 and above bands for every successful closure between

Dec 01 2010 – Jan 31 2011

HCL was named in the WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ 2010. A democratic workplace such as ours offers employees myriad opportunities to carve their own niche and stretch their limits to be able to reach for the stars.

Do you know someone with lofty aspirations who you would like to share the joy of working for HCL with? Introduce them to us as we grow the HCL family and get ready for the next leap. Not only will your friends get a career of choice at HCL, but you too will get an attractive cash incentive for expanding our team with capable individuals!

• All HCLT employees up to the E5 band (except for those in the ODE/HR function) will be eligible for the Special Employee Referral Bonus.

• Earn INR 47K for the E2 band and INR 60K for E3 and above bands for every successful closure between 1-Dec-10 to 31-Jan-11.

Location: NCR / Chennai

Click here to find the details of the positions. If your friend’s profile matches the requirements, please send the resume to the contact person/s mentioned below:


JAVA ARCHITECT Experience: 10 years and above

.NET ARCHITECT Experience: 10 years and above

DATABASE ARCHITECT Experience: 10 years and above

DATA ARCHITECT Experience: 6-12 years

UX ARCHITECTURE Experience: 8–10 years

IOS SPECIALIST Experience: 8–10 years

RIA -SENIOR TECHNICAL LEAD Experience: 6–8 years


Experience: 8–10 years



Go ahead, spread the joy!


Team HR

Experienced : NCR Requirement details for Java/J2ee guys



Mandatory skills: Core Java, Spring, Hibernate (Pls do not refer candidate without the mandatory skills).

Flex is an added advantage.

Years of experience: 4 to 10Years


TIME: 9:30 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M. ONLY


NCR Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Queen's Plaza,1-8-443, 2nd floor

Sardar Patel Road, Secunderabad -500003

Andhra Pradesh

Contact person: Shailesh Kumar / Vishnu Raju


 Ask the candidates to come for interview on specified date.

 Ask the candidates to write reference name & Quick look Id on the resume (without these details we will not be able to consider) .

 Potential candidates are requested to upload their resumes on the career site along with the employee name (referral) & Quicklook ID in the source tab before coming for the interview.

 Resumes will be valid till the requisition is open.

 Only uploaded resumes on the career site will be considered for referral payout subject to successful selection and other terms and conditions explicitly mentioned in the policy.

 Job Req No :568890

Experienced : Bank Of America Requirement

S. No Primary Skill Detailed Description Experience Req. No.

1 WAS Admin Experience with administering WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment (ND) 5.x and 6.x.

• Experience with wsadmin script execution (Jacl or Jython).

• Experience with WAS ND Installation and application deployment.

• Experience with monitoring the JVM performance by Websphere Heap Size, garbage collection, JDBC Pools Responsible for Architectural Design, Implementation and periodic testing and support of Web Environments with respect to High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

• J2EE Framework knowledge.

• Flexibility to cover various work schedules, for example, after-hours support or 24x7 support.

• Experience with SSL Certificate management.

• Troubleshooting experience of a Websphere Application Server application in a J2EE context

• Must be proficient in Solaris, AIX and Linux or variants of UNIX environments.

Experience with scripting (shell, Jython, JACL)

• Experience in networking, TCP/IP, Ethernet, DNS, 3DNS, DHCP

• Execute Websphere version and patch deployments.

• Assisting with tracking and managing vendor support tickets, and be able work with a team to triage and resolve urgent application issues.

• Experience with on-call support for the production environment.

• Experience with troubleshooting production applications. 3-6 Yrs CHE00684

2 Sybase DBA • Experience with SYBASE ASE 12.5.x, IQ Server and Replication Server 12.x

• Solid database administration skills and/or query tuning skills

• Accountable for managing and supporting the database build and operate functions

• Support access control, development support, queries, data changes etc

• Install, upgrade and maintain ASE and replication servers

• Performance monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting of database related problems and replication issues

• Setup and maintain maintenance cycle

• Ensure databases are compliant with Corporate Information Security guidelines and manage replication system security

• Disaster Recovery implementation and testing of database recovery procedures

• Provide technical leadership to assigned tasks or projects

• Identify, prioritize, resolve and/or escalate issues as they arise to delivering solution on time

• Basic understanding of Solaris and preferably Linux OS commands and troubleshooting

• Scripting skills in Perl or kshell

• Availability for 24x 7 On-Call rotation 8-10 Yrs CHE00687

3 Java Production Support Java, J2ee

Good experience in Production Support Projects

Very good working knowledge in Core Java/J2EE, Web services, EJB

Very good working knowledge in Oracle and SQL

Working knowledge in Unix, Unix Commands and Scripts

Development/Version control tools such as RAD, Clear case, SOAP UI etc

Experience in Web logic and Websphere

Experience in Treasury domain would be an added advantage 3.5 - 5 Yrs CHE00776

4 Java / J2ee Excellent communication skills

Excellent Analytical and Problem solving skills

Previous experience handling USA based clients

Previous experience in Treasury domain would be an added advantage

Technically sound with working knowledge in the following skill sets

o Core Java

o JSP/Servlets

o Struts

o Tiles

o Design Patterns

o Hibernate or other related framework

Committed and dedicated to the deliverables 3.5 - 5 yrs CHE00775


Extensive SQL Server administration skills preferably on SQL Server 2008

Working knowledge on T-SQL and SQL Server Integration Services

Basic skills on SQL Server Analysis Services and SQL Server Reporting Services

Basic skills on Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server

Knowledge on VBScript, Power Shell and Grid App Clarity would be an added advantage

Knowledge on DB2 Database would be highly preferred 4-6 Yrs CHE00706

6 Siteminder • Design, install, configure, and maintain SiteMinder infrastructure & application.

• Define, setup and maintain Siteminder services necessary to support the application integration specifications.

• Maintain proper documentation related to overall Siteminder infrastructure and specific to each integration.

• In conjunction with the Enterprise Monitoring Groups, monitor the SiteMinder production environment for overall health.

• Troubleshoot problems associated with Siteminder production and test environment integrations according to agreed upon escalation procedures. (see “support options” section below)

• Follow the appropriate change processes to implement updates, patches, fixes and Policy changes.

• On-Call Support - 24x7 for all environments 3-4.5 Yrs CHE00780

7 Mainframe Excellent working knowledge in COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS,VSAM.

Very Strong in CICS

Good experience in Development and Testing. Running Batch jobs in TSO, analyzing / Back tracing errors and find the root cause. Good at proposing technical solutions.

Excellent communication skills 3-5 Yrs CHE00744

8 .Net .Net

• Detailed, hands-on knowledge of C# and the .NET framework (C# and .net 2.0 and Higher)

• Strong understanding of Web Applications and ASP.Net (

• Experience in designing and tuning MS SQL Server 2005 Schema (Sql Server 2005 and TSQL)

- Strong in Web Services and WCF

Good Communication Skills 3-5 Yrs CHE00431

9 .Net Production Support .Net, C#, SQL Server

Monitoring/Trouble-shooting production issues (Technical and Environment/Server related)

Excellent communication skills

IIS/ Event log analysis

Previous experience in .Net Production Support

Good Communication Skills 3-5 Yrs CHE00705

10 Natural / Adabas Excellent working knowledge in Natural & Adabas

Good experience in Development and Production support

Excellent communication skills 3-5 Yrs CHE00686

Please upload your referrals on the below link

Referral Reward as per referral Policy

Note : Feedback will be given for the resume which match the above mentioned criteria.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Experienced : CSC Requirement for .NET Professionals for Dubai

AREAS: Dotnet


Dotnet Developer
Must Have Skills
• 2.5+ years of working experience.
• Expertise in .NET remoting and Enterprise services is essential
• Should be have hands on experience in MS Enterprise Library and Webservices
• Knowledge in design patterns and UML

Additional skills
• Expertise in SQL queries / query handling with any of the database like Oracle, SQL Server or SQL Server
• Expertise in ASP .NET 2.0 , Scripting - JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS, Ajax

1. Applications will not be accepted after 13-DECEMBER-2010 COB hours IST.
2. Willing to travel to Dubai immediately upon joining CSC [18-24 Months]
3. Must have a valid passport

Job Code No : 1000HV7
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Experienced : Capgemini Requirement for various technologies

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Experienced : CSC Requirement for Oracle PL/SQl Professionals




Oracle PL/SQL Developer
Must Have Skills
• 2.5+ years of working experience in Oracle database.
• Knowledge in data modelling, writing, tuning and optimizing SQLs and PL-SQL.
• Awareness of database architecture and deployments.

Additional skills
• Knowledge in database administration.
• Certified Oracle developer.
• working experience in Oracle database and Developer 2000
• Knowledge in •forms and reports
1. Applications will not be accepted after 13-DECEMBER-2010 COB hours IST.
2. Willing to travel to Dubai immediately upon joining CSC [18-24 Months]
3. Must have a valid passport

Job Code No :1000HXB
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Experienced : Dell Requirement

For our Applications Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions Group

2.        ·         All your referrals’ detailed resume to be submitted through K-Edge link provided –
4.        ·         Candidates will be shortlisted by the HR – Talent Acquisition/Technical Panel and then they will be intimated about the interview process and Interview venue.
5.        ·         For all FFH or HR related feedback / queries/ concerns please log-on to “TRAIN –> my tool -> HR4U -> Global connect”



Open Positions-15
     Location: Pune

Job Description:
SSIS.MS SQL Server, Good to have SSRS and SSAS
1. Data Integration and Analysis
2. Strong design& development experience in SSIS & T-SQL
3. Strong knowledge on one database like SQL Server, Teradata or Oracle database
4. Data Quality knowledge
5. Should have good communication and relationship mgmt skills
6. Exp – 3-7 yrs

SSIS, SSRS,SSAS, Business Objects, Business Object Data Integrator, Oracle, MS SQL Server
 1. Strong design & development experience in ETL and Reporting tool
 2. Strong knowledge on one database like SQL Server, Teradata or Oracle database
 3. Data Quality knowledge
 4. Should have good communication and relationship mgmt skills
 5. Exp – 5-7 yrs

1. BO Data Integration and BOXI R2/R3
2. Strong design & development experience in ETL (BODI) and Business Objects
3. Strong knowledge on  one database like SQL Server or Oracle database
4. Data Quality knowledge
5. Should have good communication skills

                        1.Business Objects, SSAS,SSIS,SSRS, Business Objects Data Integrator/Informatica
                        2.Familiar with BI tools and technologies and Testing
                      3. Exp – 9-13 yrs

Unix Admin

Open Positions- 10

Location: Bangalore/Singapore

Required Skills:
·         Good knowledge of Sun Solaris and Red Hat Linux 5 distributed server environment
·         3-6 years experience in supporting UNIX based distributed computing environment with at least 200 servers

Desired Skills:
·         Veritas: Clustering, Filesystem, Volume Manager, Netbackup


Open Positions- 10

Location: Bangalore/Singapore

Required Skills:
·         Proficiency with most aspects of Wintel system administration; for example systems installation and configuration, printing, problem and performance optimization
·         3-6 years experience in supporting Wintel based distributed computing environment with at least 200 servers

Desired Skills:
·         Good knowledge of Windows 2003 distributed server environment covering the following
·         Domain Administration
·         HP and IBM Hardware


Open Positions- 40

Location: Bangalore

Required Skills:
·         Microsoft .NET 3.5, - Winforms / ASP.NET, SQL Server 2005, OOAD, UML, Web Services, Visual Studio, Nuni
·         .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, WWF, MVC, Design Patterns; Experience in architecting web based systems
· 3.5 and above,  C# ,
·          Patterns and Practices, XML,SQL Server 2005/2008
·          CSS, Javascript
·          AJAX
Desired Skills:
·         Large Microsoft applications, portal development etc
·         Knowledge of ECM concepts. Knowledge of other tools like OpenText
·         Enterprise Library, Log4Net,uUnit, Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, TFS/VSS, Testing Suite, Jquery, WCF/WPF, Entity framework/linq2 sql
·         Log4Net,uUnit,Testing Suite, Jquery, MVC 1/2/3, Performance optimization, Code Optimization, Web  Farms, SSIS/SSRS,AJAX/Silverlight


Open Positions- 35

Location: Bangalore

Required Skills:
·            SOA, ESB, Design Pattern, UML, Java, Java EE, Hibernate, Spring, webservice
·            Core java 1.4 and above, JSP, JSF or Strut 2.0, Javascript, javascript tool kit like DOJO, Jquery, DWR, prototype etc, CSS
Desired Skills:
·         Testing tools like fitnesse, easymock,soap UI, open source JSF components like Richfaces, icefaces or myfaces, knowledge on XML and XML schema
·         Large ecommerce applications using Infosphere, etc
·         Unix, c/c++, perl, python

Required Skills:
·            core java 1.4 above, JSP, JSF or Strut 2.0, Javascript, JS tool kit like DOJO, Jquery, etc, CSS,  JSF components like Richfaces, icefaces or myfaces,  XML
         and XML schema, exposure to handling and deployment in app server like weblogic, jboss, webspere etc
·            Core java 1.4 and above, J2EE, EJB or Spring, Hibernate or ibatis or JDO, JPA, Junit, JMS, knowledge on XML and XML schema, exposure to handling and
         deployment in application server like weblogic, jboss, websphere etc

Desired Skills:
·         Testing tools like fitnesse, easymock, soap UI, knowledge on configuration mgt tool, build tools like ANT, MAVEN etc
·         Model Driven Architecture, Identity and Access Management (e.g. Novel, Oracle Identity Manager, IBM Tivoli etc..), Performance Tuning concepts
·         PL/SQL, testing tools like fitnesse, easymock, soap UI, knowledge on configuration mgt tool, build tools like ANT, MAVEN etc, Design Patterns